Elaphe guttata guttata

Anyone looking to get into snakes should get a corn first. They have it all: hardiness, attractiveness, and affordableness(er, uh... they're affordable). There are seemingly endless color, as well as pattern, variations available now, which I won't even begin to list and describe here. Here are my two:

Rosy, as I've come to call her, is a CB '91 Amelanistic. She's kind of on the small side, measuring just over 30", but healthy as a horse. Amels are the most commonly seen color mutation, and one of the most attractive, as Rosy demonstrates. There are now even specialized lines of amels bred for little white(ie "sunglow"), high white(candy cane), etc. I guess you could call Rosy a "generic" amel, somewhere in the middle.

Rigby, a CB'90 male, is a rarely seen combination of strains. I bought him from Rich Zuchowski(anyone interested in corns(as well as Leopard Geckos and Lampropeltis) should check with Rich first, as he produces many attractive varieties and is a nice guy to boot) in the spring of '91. His mother is a classic Okeetee corn, a particularly attractive, natural occuring variety found in South Carolina, while the father is a blood red, a complex type which displays two different color mutations - a reduction of black pigmentation/pattern on the ventral surface and an abundance of red pigment - which are not necessarily recessive. He's kind of a big boy for a corn, measuring about 50". As far as I know,Rich is the only breeder who has produced this combination, which I think is as attractive as any being produced