Note: If you have a slow dial-up connection, please be patient for pictures to load. You may need to hit refresh on your browser if the download of the pics times out. Also, the containers you see some pairs in may not be their permanent cages, so don't be alarmed, they were just put in them to get the pictures.


Patternless Southern Pine

Southern Pine

Amel Southern Pines

Amelanistic Northern female(P.m.melanoleucas)

Amelanistic Northern male(P.m.melanoleucas)

Red male w/ the above female. His color does not show up much in the pic for whatever reason.


Female Bull(uncertain locale)

Non-hypo Stillwater Bull Female


Het Pacific Gopher

Amel Pacific Gopher

Amelanistic Sonoran(P.c.affinis)

Heterozygous for Amelanistic Sonoran(P.c.affinis)

Heterozygous for snow Sonoran(P.c.affinis)

Double albino het San Diego Male


(I know, these aren't Pituophis, but these are some nice corns that I'm attached to)

Blood Red x Okeetee male(This pic isn't the greatest; you can see his parents here

Okeetee female