Pituophis Specialists

Shaun Roberson
7320 Arke
Belleville, IL 62223

Phil Ferkel
917 Murcia
Spanish Lake, MO

About Us

Phil and I met through the St Louis Herpetological Society.  I had always been very interested in Pituophis, and I got word that he worked with them.  We talked a while, and I went to see his collection one day.  I admired all of his animals, bought a Northern Pine like I've always wanted from him, and, to make a long story short, we now operate on a partner-like basis, each keeping certain animals.  We are not full time, commercial breeders; we just do it because we really love this  beautiful, often overlooked genus.  The following will describe the adults we have, what we will be producing, and anything we may have for sale currently.

                                                                   Thanks for your interest,


Northern Pines(P. m. melanoleucas)
Normals  -  nice light colored animals

Southern Pines(P. m. mugitus)
Normals  - a lot of variety, some are darker, some are lighter greenish gray.
Albinos and Leucistics in future

Black Pines(P. m. lodingi)

Bull Snakes(P. m. sayi)
Normals  - several strains: OK, Canadian
Hypos in future

Sonoran Gopher Snakes(P. c. affinis)
Normals - some het for albino and poss. snow hets

San Diego Gopher Snakes(P. c. annectans)
Normals - nice colorful annectans w/ lots of orange, most are albino hets
Striped - a different element of the Pituophis collection
Albinos - perhaps the most popular Pituophis