Note: Many parents are pictured on "Adult breeders" page. Please inquire as to which adults are the actual parents of the expected offspring, as some may not be pictured due to space limitations.

Deposits of 25% will be accepted when eggs are laid as indicated below. If no price is listed, please inquire.


Northern Pines - Red phase, het for albino - ALL SPOKEN FOR

Northern Pines - Albinos and hets - EGGS LAID 5/30 - Hets $40ea, $70pr. HATCHED: (check for pics later this week(8/28))


Canadian Bulls - Alberta locality - EGGS LAID 5/17 - $25ea, $45pr. HATCHED: PICS

Various non-locale bulls - 2 different clutches available - EGGS LAID 5/20,5/24 - $25 ea, $40pr. HATCHED: PICS

Bulls - het for hypo


Sonoran Gophers - Albinos and hets; unrelated pairs should be available - EGGS LAID 6/4 - Hets $35ea; Albinos $50 ea HATCHED: PICS


1/4 Blood Red, 3/4 Okeetee Corns - ALL SPOKEN FOR.