F Scott Smith              12                    
                                 F Bob Powers               4
                                 F Jason Schmidt            10                   
                                 F Matt Hagerty             20
                                 D Jack Weir                2                        
                                 D John Lartonoix           1                                          
                                 D Mark Halusan             3                    
                                 D Scott Griffith           2
                             sub-D Neil Cawvey              0
                                 G The Robber himself, Shaun Roberson


                                       W      L      T      P
                          Pens         7     *2*     0      14
                          Beavers      5      2      2      12
                        **Wolfpac      5      2      2      12**
                          Vipers       5      3      0      10
                          Mustangs     4      3      1      9
                          Invaders     1      7      1      3
                          Hawks        0      8      0      0
(note that these standings only include games played and NOT the bye wins; everybody has one bye except the Mustangs and Vipers who have two)

Schedule and Game Summaries

(9/9) vs Pens - A hard fought, sometimes dirty, nail biting battle - just the way we like 'em. Especially when we win the game 7-6. After Matt Hagerty scored a nice breakaway goal in his 'Pac debut, the Pens got a couple of oddball goals on misplays, and we were down 2-1. Mark scored a nice goal on a wrister when he moved up on the play near the end of the first to tie it at 2. We traded goals up 'til the end of the second, when it was 5-5 after Scott scored on a rebound and Matt had scored two more; it seemed every time we scored, the son of a b...I mean, the other team, would sneak a goal in somehow. In typical Robber fashion, however, they only got one goal in the third, and we capitalized on a double minor and a 2 man advantage when Jason roofed in a rebound and then Scott tipped in Jason's slapper from the point. We then got a double minor with 2:46 to go, but Jason, Jack, John, and The Robber slammed the door on 'em to hold on to the 7-6 victory. Matt was very strong in his debut; looks like we might score more goals than last session. We may not score seven goals every game, but we won't be allowing 6 very often either.

Here's a blurry pic of some of the team after the game: (clockwise:Jason, Scott(where's his pants?), John, Matt, Scott, and Mark)

other games:
     Vipers 10  Invaders 0
     Beavers 11  Hawks 4
(9/16) vs Invaders - A win that slipped away into a tie after we blew a 2 goal lead. Matt opened the scoring just seconds into the game with a low wrister. He then regained the lead following an Invader goal that bounced in off one of us, when he converted a 2 on 1 with Scott. Scott would score in the first also to gain a 3-2 lead. In the second, Matt finished his second hat trick in as many games, but we lapsed for a few minutes and gave up two goals when guys weren't picked up around the net. No goals were scored in the third period, despite us having numerous shots and scoring opportunities, so we had to settle for the draw. Jack and Scott were MIA by previous arrangement, by the way.

Scott and Matt start a 2 on 2 up the rink.

Scott carries the puck over the red line.

other games:
     Pens 8  Vipers 3
     Beavers 11  Mustangs 4
(9/23) vs Beavers - I told somebody last week that the only thing I hate worse than a tie is losing a 1 goal game. Especially against the best team in the league that's won both their other games 11-4. Especially when we had a 5-4 and a 6-5 lead. Especially when we had 6:00 of power play in the third period and give up 2 SH goals to blow it. So anyway, we played really good against this team. We didn't score in the first, which came back to hurt us, and they scored twice - a one timer and a 3rd rebound. We three times in the second, as Scott slid in a rebound, and Jason scored twice. As usual, however, we got the worst possible bounce in the game as a wide shot came off the glass, off the back of my stick get the idea. After another Beaver goal it was 4-3. Matt scored a nice wrist shot at the beginning of the third, and Jason scored again to take a 5-4 lead. A damn Beaver knocked in a short rebound a few minutes later to tie it back up. Matt later fed a perfect pass to Mark, who tipped in the 6th goal. Then, with 5:43 to go, Scott gets plowed by a defenseman and jumped by the opposing goalie. Luckily for him, the score was close or else I would have proceeded to Layeth the Smacketh down on his candy ass. However, Scott can manage himself well, and we kept our cool and had 2:00 against us and they had 8:00. Then, somehow we managed to give up 2 shorthanded goals in the last 3 minutes. Guess I should have went down and beat his Roody Poo ass anyway, huh? Anyway, even though we should have had this in the bag, we still played the best team to within a goal, so I suppose that's still positive. We play the bastards again in 2 weeks, so we'll see how that goes.

A great glove save in the first, If I do say so myself.

Jason rips a shot as Scott tries to create traffic.

Mark rips a slapper.
John during warm-ups. 
The Robber hugs the right post as the play comes out of the corner. 
The Robber setting up for a shot. 
Jason makes a pass out of the corner. 
The Robber fires the puck up to a forward(what a puckhandler). 
Scott tries to stuff it in(unsuccessfully, but don't worry, he got one later). 
Bob focuses during a stoppage. 
(Thanks to Jason Schmidt for services of digital camera and Brian Beisner for his photography)
other games:
     Mustangs 6  Hawks 3
     Pens 7  Invaders 6
(9/30) vs Hawks - Not the convincing win I expected, but we came away with the 3-2 win nevertheless. Following a first period of no scoring, Jason fired up the slappers for two goals, and we held them to nothing. They finally broke through on a PP, when a rolling centering pass was chipped in. A few minutes later, a shot off a rush deflected in right off the Robber's mask(again, zero luck). It wasn't until about five minutes to go that Scott Smith fought off a checker(hooker, as in hooking, that is) to stuff in a loose puck and seal the win for the 'Pac.

Scott battles for the loose puck(looks like he's doin' a good job, eh?).

Jason slaps one.

The Robber is set and ready for anything that dares come his way.

The Robber scrambles to the right side.
Matt skates up the wing..
The Robber between periods w/o the mask..
John(aka "The Guy with the Big Arms") ready for the face off..
The Robber set for a shot..
Scott in the offensive zone..
Jack on the "D". .
Bob fires a wrister..
Matt guns it.
Scott in the sin bin..
Scott Griffith rushes the puck..
The Robber on his knees for a save..
The Robber fires the puck..
other games:
     Mustangs 7  Vipers 4
     Beavers 7  Invaders 5
(10/7) BYE
other games:
     Pens d. Mustangs
     Invaders 5  Hawks 3
     Vipers 6  Beavers 3
(10/14) vs Beavers - The best team didn't get the best of us tonight, although we didn't quite get the best of them either, as we had to settle for a 5-5 tie. We really tore it up in the first period, scoring four goals;Matt,Scott Griffith(screen by scott Smith),Jason(asst. Scott Smith), and Jack all scored, while we allowed nothing. The Beavers finally scored on a 2 on 0 in the second, and then again in the final minutes when everyone lost sight of the puck underneath John, except the lucky goal scorer that is. In the third, Matt scored his second goal on a nice deke across the goalmouth, and we had a 5-2 lead. A Beaver got a goal on a low screen shot about midway through the period to make it 5-3. Later, as the puck went around the boards, the puck skipped over the Robber's stick, and The Robber collided with and got tied up with the oncoming forward. Of course, Scott Smith was quickly on the scene to ensure nothing further developed, promptly knocking the Beaver on his wood-knawing ass. Somehow, we ended up with 6:00 in penalties and they had 4:00. So, it should be 3 on 3 for 4:00, and then a 2:00 PP for them right? Well, they had a 3 on 2 for 2:00, then a 4-3 at the end. How in the hell does that add up? Of course, one must consider the officials one is dealing with.The Robber made a couple of great saves on the first PP, but they scored on a pretty nice tip in on the second one which shouldn't have existed. Finally, they pulled their goalie in the last minute, sent a crowd to the net,took a shot that was stopped, the puck bounced right to a guy at the side of the net, and you know the rest. Tying the best team should feel like a win, but we were winning the entire game except the last :24, so that makes it seem like a loss. Not winning is a bitch.
other games:
     Pens d. Invaders
     Mustangs d. Hawks
(10/21) vs Mustangs - A much needed decisive win over the rival Mustangs. Bob ended his goal scoring drought in the first when he backhanded the puck over the net, collected the bounce off the glass, and knocked it in. Matt scored a few minutes later upstairs, and Scott Smith scored from a sharp angle to give us a 3-0 lead by the end of the third. we came out a little flat in the second, and the Mustangs finally got a goal after a defensemen lost his stick and they jumped on a puck loose in our zone. The Robber made a great sliding save a few minutes later, and Matt soon scored a on blistering slapper to regain the three goal lead. The Robber made a nice play up the glass to Matt, who carried into the zone, wristed a shot, and Scott was on the doorstep to get the rebound in. Matt would go on to score on another heavy slapper, and then also on a breakaway to take us into the third up 7-2. We played a strong third period for a change, and Matt scored yet another, while Jack added his second of the session when he faked a shot from the high slot, skated in and went high to the short side to seal the victory by a score of 9-3.

other games:
     Vipers 12  Hawks 2
     Pens d. Beavers
(10/28) vs Pens - Simply put, the team's best game so far, as we smash the now former first place team 9-2. The first period saw the 'Pac take a 2-0 lead on goals by Matt. Matt added another in the second, Bob scored on rebound, and Scott Smith scored on a nice move in front of the net to take us 5-2 into the third. It was still all 'Pac, as Bob scored from the doorstep, Scott Smith nailed a slapper from the slot just inside the post off a nice drop pass from Jason, John scored a slapper off the post(yes, we got a bounce off the post) on a late PP, Scott Griffith pinched in to roof the final goal , we continued to use our quickness, the defense stayed very solid, and the Robber continued his stellar play. What else can you ask for?
other games:
     Beavers d. Hawks
     Vipers d. Invaders
(11/4) vs Vipers - A devastating 6-5 loss that saw the 'Pac blow a 5-1 lead and lose in the last minute. The Robber played perhaps his best hockey of the season through the first two periods, allowing only 2 goals on among a vast amount of prime scoring chances, and Matt scored twice, Scott and Mark added goals, while Jason scored on a tip in. The third period was horrendous; the 'Pac mustered maybe 4 or 5 shots in the period and the Vipers really pressed and drove hard to the net and ended up scoring on 2 screen shots and into an empty side as The Robber was tied up on the far side of the net for the winning goal. A really disappointing loss considering the lead we had.
other games:
     Pens d. Hawks
     Mustangs d. Invaders
(11/11) vs Invaders - The 'Pac rebounded this week with a solid 6-3 win despite playing with only 2 regular defensemen, Jack and Mark. The Invaders also played a bit shorthanded with only 5 skaters, but still played a pretty solid game against us, as they usually do. Jason rotated as the third defenseman, and scored twice from long range in the process. Scott also scored twice, once on a wraparound and again on a rebound at the goal mouth. Bob continued his strong finish to the regular season with our only goal in the first period, and Matt ripped in a low slapper to reach the 20 goal mark.
other games:
     Pens 8  Vipers 5
     Mustangs tied Beavers
(11/18) Playoffs

7:00 Wolfpac vs Pens - what a bitch, you beat a team twice in the regular season and lose to them in the playoffs; by far the worst game of the season. A total blitz in the first 7 or 8 minutes, and a 3, then 4-0 lead(The Robber wishes he had the 4th goal back). Matt got us on the board with a SHer, and Jack scored off a nice centering pass from Bob in the second, but they capitalized in front to score a 5th goal before the end of the second. Scott and John scored in the third to get us within 1, but as we pressed to score we gave up a breakaway, and The Robber let a sorry breakaway goal in to kill the comeback chance; ended up 7-4. A real dissappointment to end a pretty good session. Thanks to the millions.... and millions of fans that supported us this season- Tim,Matt, Russ, Steve,Brandon,Dustin,Paul, Shannon, Meghann, Emily, Chrissy,Kelly, and everyone else. We will be back........

Bob in front as the puck just gets away. A big scramble in front.

Scott Griffith gets a shot off as Scott Smith tries to get in front. Scott Smith takes his man out.

8:00 Vipers d. Beavers

9:30 Pens came back to beat Vipers 5-4. Once again, the championship team was beaten by the Wolfpac in the regular season.