Mustangs Hockey


                   F Shane Oliver                    2                                
                   F Tim Rehg                        5
                   F Jamie Savage                    14
                   F/D Mike Strohm
                   D Todd Baldwin                     1                                
                   D Ed Bauza                         2
                   D Phil Bova                            1 
                   D Greg McCall                     5 
                   G Shaun "The Robber" Roberson
               sub F Jay Patrick                                1
               sub F Gary DeFossett                            
               sub F Chuck DeFossett                            2


                  W     L     T     Pts
Auks                   8     1     1      17                
Vipers                 6     1     3      15                
Invaders               3     4     3      9                 
Hackers                3     5     2      8                 
Beavers                3     6     1      7                 
Mustangs               1     7     2      4                 

Schedule/Game Summaries

2/24 vs Vipers - A game against the Vipers is always a hard fought game, and this one was no exception. After a rather sloppy first period, we were a bit lucky to be tied. The Vipers had scored on a rebound, and Tim had scored on a bad angle shot to tie it up. Vipers struck again in the second on a rebound, but Jamie tied it up when he converted a pass at the side of the net. The Vipers then scored again following a turnover; a shot went off myself and trickled toward and almost over the line, then was knocked back out front in the scramble and was put in. The second period also saw two huge collisions: Gary and a Vipers defenseman ran together, and Todd stood up a Viper in our end, turning him head over heels. Both plays resulted in cuts from the players' helmets. In the third, Ed scored off a pass from Jamie to tie it again, but the Vipers answered when Chris and Phil Haussman converted a two on one tip in to make it 4-3, and they then got a break off a faceoff when the puck deflected in off our own defensemen's sticks to get a two goal gap. That wouldn't be enough to hold on to, however. Shane nearly scored as he went end to end, but the goaltender made a good save. He couldn't stop Tim from scoring again, and Jamie somehow slid in the game tying goal in the last three minutes on a great effort at the left side of the net. The Vipers got a two on one in the last minutes(the same pair that converted earlier), but I made a good sliding save to the right side. A pretty solid game overall, minus a few mistakes, and a point against the Vipers is always respectable. Oh yes, Phil had to sit this one out to rest the ankle one more week. Looking forward to next week...

3/2 vs Auks - Simply put, we looked horrible for most of the game, but still made a pretty good showing against a good team, losing only by two. We made moving the puck out of our end look impossible in the first and second period, and were lucky to be tied after the first; Jamie scored a SHer in the last 30 seconds. The second period wasn't so nice, as they scored three times after we actually got the lead near the start of the period when Tim scored. Trailing 5-3 going into the third, we only managed one other goal, and came up short 6-4. Jamie and Tim each scored twice, but I can't remember the order. Phil was back in the lineup, and Jay Patrick played as Shane was absent. You have to play against this team in their end or they kill you; we played mostly in our end and didn't get killed(although they had probably over 40 shots), so it could have been worse.

3/9 vs Invaders - Boy, we should have won this game. We controlled the puck for the majority of the game, but couldn't seem to finish anything, and a couple of breaks for the other team turned into goals.. They scored on a breakaway off the shoulder in the first after Todd had wristed in a high shot from just inside the red line. We took a 2-1 lead when Chuck one timed in a centering pass, but a long off speed shot found it's way in midway through the second, and we took a penalty later on in the period. On the ensuing PP, I stopped two point blank shots in a row, but a third chance was knocked in and we were down 3-2. We missed numerous chances in the third that could have tied it, and time ran out before we could even the score. Phil was out of the lineup with injury. To Bob and Jason, just wait 'til the 13th of April...

3/16 vs Hackers - We managed to drop another one, as we just just can't seem to find the net. Jamie wristed a low goal in the first and Chuck deflected one five hole in the third, but that's all we could muster. The goaltender played a strong game, but it was more a case of us just not cashing in opportunities. We need to pick up the scoring a bit if we're going to start winning; my GA isn't quite down where it should be(4.75), but if we had a few more goals it wouldn't be noticed(We've only scored two goals each of the past two games). Todd was absent WPA, and Phil sat out once more with injury. Phil should be back in the lineup next week.

3/23 vs Beavers - What a bitch; we play a great game for the most part, the defense and myself make some outstanding plays, we score four nice goals, and we still can't get a win. Tim scored the first goal in the first on a rebound from Todd's low shot from the point. Beavers tied it on a similar play when a rebound from in close for some reason bounced way off my chest out of my reach and was put in. Jamie got us the lead again in the second when Chuck(just after missing an empty net thanks to a bouncing puck) set him up from behind the net. The Beavers then got a lucky bounce as a shot was blocked by Phil, who was back in the lineup and played great, and slid perfectly right to a Beaver to one time it in under a myself and a sliding Todd. There were at least three close calls in the second: I made a great save on a deflection out of the air from about five feet in front, and later I was down with Ed and Todd covering behind me and the puck was deflected over the net. On another sequence, I made a skate save from in close and the puck went straight up and Phil batted it out of the air before it could fall toward the goal.Greg scored off a feed from Tim to get ahead 3-2 in the third, and Jamie scored what seemed to be the insurance goal when he got behind the defense and converted a nice move. On a later power play though, a puck came right into the deep slot and was roofed in to make it 4-3. With about 3:00 left, they scored about as lucky a piece of crap as possible. As the Beaver cut to the inside from the left wing, I made the initial save as he crashed the net, and the puck bounced up and on my back and rolled in. Son of a bitch!!!! I still can't believe it. Great game though guys. We're not out of the race yet; a win next week would put us right in the thick of things, especially since the Beavers will likely lose, and the Hackers and Invaders play each other

3/30 vs Vipers - I'm beginning to wonder if anything is ever going to go our way; here's a sample of tonight's ill fortune:

The first goal went five hole on the first shot with my replacement stick, and Jamie tied it up off a faceoff shortly afterwards. The previously mentioned head goal soon followed, but Jamie tied it again with a low wrist shot to the glove side. On a PP in the second, the Vipers got a goal on a deflected slap shot through a screen that hit my left arm and barely snuck through(you could add that to the list as well...). Phil made two great plays in the second. He converted a 2 on 1 to make it 3-3, and also helped out when I got knocked down in the corner and a Viper hit the left post on an empty net as Phil slid across. The puck then nearly went off Phil and in(I'm surprised it didn't the way everything else went...), but between the two of us, we were able to cover up before it could go across the line. Everything went downhill in the third, as the Vipers scored 4 goals, three following my knee injury, except a nice play that Ed made to jump up and set up a goal by Greg. We didn't play bad, especially the first two periods, but the phrase "shit happens" seems to apply to us every week. Another tough game coming up next week, we'll see what happens...

4/6 vs Auks - In short, Shane broke his goal scoring drought with 2 in the first, Jamie scored 2, but I blew the big one and we lost 10-4.

4/13 vs Invaders - With only four skaters for the majority of the first period(Greg,Mike,Phil,Todd) and five by the midpoint of the second(Ed), the team was a bit fatigued by the third, and the score got bloated by the end of the game. Greg scored in the first period, but it was disallowed because one of our players was knocked in the crease, or sneezed, or some such shit. He scored our only goal on a good effort by Phil in the third period. I had a horrible game again, and it ended up 6 or 7 to 1.

4/20 vs Hackers - I played a bit better this week, but only after the first ten minutes or so, which included 3 goals against us. Jamie got us on the board in the first, and I can't remember who scored in the second and third, but the other team also managed to get one in each of the last two periods, despite some good saves and blocked shots by the defense(that's you, Todd), so we came up short 5-3. Well, we have one more week to get that elusive win...

4/27 vs Beavers - As expected, we finally got our shit together for the last game of the session, moving the puck quicker, playing more controlled, and communicating better. Ed moved up on the play early in the first, crossed the slot, and wristed the puck in the far side to open the scoring. Minutes later, Jamie's centering pass hit a Beavers skate and deflected in(yes, we got a break for a change!). Of course, Jay's deflection minutes earlier went off the left post, and we would hit the post three times in the first period. Still, we got three goals, as Greg outwaited the goaltender to make it 3-1. We continued to play well through the second, and Jamie andf Greg had each scored again by the mid point of the third. The Beavers had really come on in the third, and got 2 goals late in the period to make it 5-4, but some strong saves kept them behind, and Jay sealed the win at about the 2:30 mark when he lfted in a rebound. Look out next session, our winning streak has begun already...